Celebrating World Heritage Day 2018 with Roman soldiers, the Roman ‘Goddess Minerva’, real owls and supersized owl sculptures in front of the Royal Crescent in the World Heritage city of Bath was a perfect way to mark the annual event!

Over three thousands residents and visitors to the city swooped down to the Royal Crescent to see the Ermine Street Guard set up a Roman camp and re-enact battle scenes, including firing melons a long way from a Roman trebuchet!

The ‘Owls of Bath 2018’ sculpture trail is inspired by Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom to whom the Roman Baths Temple was dedicated in the 1st century AD.  Minerva’s owl can be seen carved into the Roman Baths Temple pediment, on display at the Roman Baths Museum.

Minerva (aka Miss Bath, Amelia Watt) very kindly swooped in to join us for the day, which was a great honour, and she was delighted to meet ‘The Owl & The Pussycat’ decorated by Bath artist Jane Veveris Callan and ‘Ono’ the Owlet, decorated by Bath Young Carers, both of which have been sponsored by SouthGate Bath.

The Owls of Bath were joined by real owls Ozzie, the Barn Owl and Kush the Benghal Eagle Owl from The Owlery in Newton St Loe, which drew huge crowds.

Hundreds of young owl fans enjoyed creating their own owl designs and the sun even shone down on the gathered flock all day.

A big thank you to Goddess Minerva (aka Miss Bath, Amelia Watt) for kindly swooping in for the day, where she was much admired by her Roman subjects.

We were also joined by the 790th Mayor of Bath, Cllr Ian Gilchrist, who met the Owl & The Pussycat and Ozzie the Barn Owl, watched closely by a Roman guard.

“Salve” owl fans – Carpe diem!




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