Wake Up Bath's Sleeping Owls!

Each Owl on the trail will contain an interactive beacon. As owl fans approach, information about each owl will pop up on app users' phones, including its photo, sponsor logos and artist's names with links to their websites, as well as fun questions to answer at each owl to unlock prizes and special offers.

The app can also provide useful analytics, including number of interactions with specific app pages and offers, and useful footfall statistics relating to each owl, including the number of visitor and individual page interactions over the course of the event.

The Minerva's Owls of Bath app will be free to download from the website at the end of June and will be a great way for Owl fans to explore the city whilst on the owl trail this summer! What a hoot!


About the App

  • Interactive beacons in each owl send sponsor and artist info to your phone.
  • A fun way to explore the City and track down all the owls.
  • Find out about each owl’s sponsor, artist and location.
  • Solve questions to wake the owls and complete the treasure hunt.
  • Receive rewards and prizes for finding owls and Owl Sponsor special offers.
  • Multi-lingual app and directory attractive for visitors.
  • The Owl App is produced by Bath-based BLISPA

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