The cute owlets have been decorated by schools, community groups and charities


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Please download the brilliant Owls of Bath Education Pack, which is full of owl-related stories, information and creative activities for children, families and owl fans of all ages!

A big hoot-out thanks to the Roman Baths Education Department for kindly compiling the pack for us.

Make your own Minerva's Owls of Bath mask - see through the Goddess Minerva's eyes!

Pupils from Weston All Saints Primary School painting 'RenewabOWL' with Bath artist Laura Fearn.  The owlet was very kindly donated to the school by the environmental charity Restore Our Planet.

Owlets will soon be nesting across Bath!

Owlets have been decorated by hundreds of children and community groups who have enjoyed painting and decorating the super-sized mini-owls!

Owls of Bath event sponsor Curo donated an owlet to the Combe Down Primary school


A group of artistic pupils from Twerton Infant School have painted Twert-Twoo, which was donated by the Bath Percent Club and will be displayed in Bath Library this summer

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