Our last Owls of Bath sculptures are up for sale to the highest bidders – what amazing Christmas presents they will be!

If you missed out on an owl at the auction, or would like another to keep your owl company (they are very sociable creatures!), please email megan@minervasowls.org with your best offer ASAP, before 15th December.

‘Snowy’, AKA ‘Hedwig’, had been living with Chris Packham in the New Forest for four months waiting to be decorated, however Chris was so busy filming this summer that he didn’t have a chance to paint him, so Bath artist Charlotte Moore has now decorated him as a beautiful Snowy Owl.  NB. It would be easy to re-paint him if you would like to decorate to your own design.  Snowy is 110cms tall and the current bid is £1,650 including plinth and delivery to Bath.

BEAKY THE OWLETBeaky, who was part of the summer’s owl trail, is also available.  Beaky was decorated by Bath College and sponsored by Bath BID and has been donated back to the project to help raise further funds for the charities.  Beaky is 75cms tall and the current bid is £700 including plinth and delivery.

Please get in touch ASAP if you would like to make a bid for either owl!

Beaky on display opposite Bath College this summer – looking for a new home for Christmas!

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