Warning Spoiler Alert!

We can finally reveal the winner (and solution) to the The Ys and Where 4s puzzle! This striking puzzle owl kept residents and visitors busy over the summer – it was a tough challenge! We received a whole host of entries and guesses, but only 7 correct answers.

The winner is Charlie Froud from Bath, who figured out the real name of the owl from the hidden number 4s in the feathers. As he explains “After finding the five 4s I used the first letters of the colour of the 4s to figure out the name”. Simple when you know how!

The Ys and Where 4s puzzle will be auctioned on Wednesday 17 October at the Apex hotel along with 62 “Owls of Bath”. Ys is Lot number 7, you can bid at the event, or online here: https://live.theauctionroom.com/auction-014/itemDetails/764/278472

In a final twist, there is now a SECOND (even more difficult) challenge/puzzle to complete. Hidden within Ys feathers is another name – the owl’s father. The prize this time is a merchandise package – including a Mini Owl (worth £49), an Owl Poster and Mug. The Ys and Where 4s can currently be seen in Jolly’s House of Fraser on Milsom Street. Will Challenge #2 be solved before the auction, or will the name remain a mystery? Clues are released at https://twitter.com/theYswhere4s.

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