Our Owl mini site has launched. Check it out at birdofplaybath.co.uk


Being a children’s digital agency we had lots of playful tech based ideas for our Owl but the UK weather soon put paid to those! We wanted to do something colourful, playful and memorable and a digital / social element was key. We decided to bring the colour ‘inside’ the Owl using an amazing old school teleidoscope (no gimmicky tech here!). People can look through the Owl's eye and see what the Owl sees in a unique and creative way. Take photos through the eye and then share images via social media.

We have really enjoyed the creative challenge of putting the colour and experience ‘inside the owl’. Discovering what a teleidoscope was and the amazing illusions it produces when looking through the Owl's eye was so inspiring. Applying a layer of social media on top where people can take photos of the creative images generated captures a simple but amazing piece of interactive art with a digital twist.